This comprehensive guide brings together the wisdom of sales experts, offering a deep dive into effective sales techniques, the psychological aspects of selling, and the importance of perseverance and adaptability. Dan Lehane takes us through his journey and lessons learned, from door-to-door book sales to corporate success, highlighting the crucial roles of systematic approaches, territory management, and the four T's (Territory, Time management, Targeting, Technique) in sales. Additionally, the discussion emphasizes the significance of embracing rejection, strategic thinking, and the power of continuous learning through personal anecdotes, highlighting practical sales advice, negotiation tips, and the indispensable value of a positive mindset and robust work ethic. This dialogue serves as an inspiring look at mastering sales with strategies drawn from real-life experiences and proven success stories. Learn more at

Next Life Podcast with Gary Warwick: Join Steven Silverman, the seasoned investment banker and owner of Kings Point Capital, as he journeys through his own experiences of over 20 years, exploring the world of investment banking. From his transition from a Certified Public Accountant to starting his own firm, to clarifying complex concepts like EBITDA, Steven shares a comprehensive overview of the industry. Gain insights into the importance of advanced preparation, understanding the nuances of your business, and identifying the right audience in successful investment banking. The discussion highlights critical aspects of negotiating business deals, elements for a successful sale, the role of an MBA, attorneys in the process, and the importance of strong marketing for potential buyers. Steven stresses the need for business owners to understand the sale process, aiming to maximize their profits, and shares professional anecdotes from his career.

Next Life Podcast with Gary Warwick: Retirement Planning for Business Owners: Expert Insights with Rodney Hiroka In this insightful video, Rodney Hiroka, CEO and owner of For Life Wealth Advisors, shares invaluable tips on retirement planning for business owners. From understanding your financial needs to navigating the complexities of wealth management, Rodney simplifies the process and offers practical advice to help you achieve a secure and fulfilling retirement. Don't miss out on this must-watch discussion!

Show Notes

Explore the entrepreneurial journey of Jack Brandt, a revered tech entrepreneur and recording artist, on his transition from the business world into a successful career in music. Hear about his exit from his profitable IT hardware distribution venture, and the decisions that led him to embrace a more personal, less pressured lifestyle in music. Jack delves into his continual entrepreneurial spirit, leading to his recent involvement in the guitar industry and the challenges of having a business partner. The discussion touches on the struggles in the start-up phase and the significance of quick decisions for business growth. Notably, Jack appreciates his former colleagues, exercises and healthy habits that underpin his quality of life, countering the occasional nostalgia for his previous roles. Lastly, Jack and his host reflect on their perceptions of success and the freedoms of running their own businesses in the American landscape.


00:00 Introduction and Personal Journey

00:46 The Inception of Next Life Podcast

02:02 The Entrepreneurial Journey Begins: Selling Cars and Jewelry

10:11 Transition into Technology: The Birth of Technology Support

18:57 The Rise of Cloud Computing and the Success of TSI Distribution

35:23 The Challenges and Triumphs of Entrepreneurship

47:26 The Decision to Exit and the Aftermath

01:02:33 The New Chapter: Life After Business

01:12:13 The Next Adventure: A New Business Venture

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