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Entrepreneur's Odyssey: Insightful Adventures in Business Founding and Transitions

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One Entrepreneurs Journey Startup to Sale 

In this episode of the Next Life Podcast, Gary Warick welcomes Paul Deshon, a successful entrepreneur who transitioned from being a machinist to building and selling a majority stake in his environmental business, Excel, to a private equity firm. The discussion covers the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship, the importance of delegating control for growth, […]

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Sales is not an art. It is a science.

This comprehensive guide brings together the wisdom of sales experts, offering a deep dive into effective sales techniques, the psychological aspects of selling, and the importance of perseverance and adaptability. Dan Lehane takes us through his journey and lessons learned, from door-to-door book sales to corporate success, highlighting the crucial roles of systematic approaches, territory […]

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Understanding the Investment Banker's Role: Strategies and Processes for Selling Your Business

Next Life Podcast with Gary Warwick: Join Steven Silverman, the seasoned investment banker and owner of Kings Point Capital, as he journeys through his own experiences of over 20 years, exploring the world of investment banking. From his transition from a Certified Public Accountant to starting his own firm, to clarifying complex concepts like EBITDA, […]

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