December 14, 2023

Understanding the Investment Banker's Role: Strategies and Processes for Selling Your Business

Next Life Podcast with Gary Warwick: Join Steven Silverman, the seasoned investment banker and owner of Kings Point Capital, as he journeys through his own experiences of over 20 years, exploring the world of investment banking. From his transition from a Certified Public Accountant to starting his own firm, to clarifying complex concepts like EBITDA, Steven shares a comprehensive overview of the industry. Gain insights into the importance of advanced preparation, understanding the nuances of your business, and identifying the right audience in successful investment banking. The discussion highlights critical aspects of negotiating business deals, elements for a successful sale, the role of an MBA, attorneys in the process, and the importance of strong marketing for potential buyers. Steven stresses the need for business owners to understand the sale process, aiming to maximize their profits, and shares professional anecdotes from his career.

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